PhD? Pour Him/Her a Drink

Bit stressed? Had enough of your thesis for today?

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Had enough lab work for one day? Need a new hobby or just a day off? Don't know where to start?
We've created this website as a resource of things to do in Sheffield,
hopefully taking some of the stress out of your stress relief!

Who Are We?

I've been in Sheffield since 2012 and am now in the second year of my PhD. Sheffield has so much to offer - six years later I'm still trying new things!

Naomi Cox, PhD Plant Genetics Student

Hi guys, I'm a first year PhD student, new to Sheffield, new to the North of the UK. I love it here already, there is so much to do! The Peak District is my personal favourite but I spend a lot of time baking and eating cake!

Tamara Satmarean, PhD Psychology Student
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